10 Easy Ways to Have Fun at Work

April 11, 2018


Long gone are the days where you want to impress the boss and coworkers. You have decided to leave that to the women in their 20’s and 30’s. Today, you just want to go to work, complete your tasks, have a little fun at work, make money, and head home.


Eight to 12 hours is a long time to be miserable. I used to work with a woman who would say “We having fun while getting it done!” I used to just laugh at her while I put my nose back to the grindstone. Miss Linda may have been on to something I was too young and naïve to realize!


Work should be fun. And, you can make it that way. Here are 10 easy ways to have fun at work while still getting your work done.


10 Ways to Have Fun at Work


Make it Pretty - Creating a work space that is inviting will make spending your day there a bit more enjoyable. Even in you are in a cube-farm, you can hang pretty pictures, quotes, or grab a bouquet of flowers from the local market to make the space yours.


Pay attention to clutter too. Clutter impacts creativity and productivity. 

Keep it clean, simple, and pretty.


Find Your Tribe - You need to find your people at work. Not just those

who sit near you, but women who cheer for you, don’t judge you, and  genuinely care about your well-being in and out of the office. These

women can help you have fun at work by sharing stories, wins, and



 Having your tribe in the workplace helps with motivation, creativity,

 and productivity. You have a bigger purpose than just doing work, you

 have your people to make proud too.


Playlist - Research shows that athletes who listened to motivational music took more risks. Create your “pump-up” playlist to add a little fun at work.

Say a little thankful prayer for earbuds! You can blast that gangsta rap or classical music as loud as you want without any judgemental glares. Put in the earbuds and work away!


Get up and Move - You don’t have to run a mile at lunch, just take a few 10-15 minute walks throughout the day. If you can get outside, even better!


Light exercise throughout the day increases productivity and decreases illness. One study showed that 2.5 hours of exercise per week while at work helped people maintain or even increase production levels. These folks also felt that were getting more done and were sick less often.  


Switch Up the Venue - If your workplace offers you the ability to work from home, take them up on the offer. Even if they don’t, changing cubicles or using a community work space every once in while increases productivity and creativity. Your brain needs to be challenged by new sights, sounds, and smells to be fully functional. Changing your work space helps with this and adds a little fun at work too.


Take a Break - This one is a weakness for me! How many times have you been working only to look up and realize it is lunch time and you haven't even taken a bathroom break. This is not good for your brain. Take a break.


Go for a walk, even if it is just inside. And, never skip your lunch break.

You may use your lunch break for something other than eating and that is okay! Be sure to  take the time and walk away from your work. You will be better equipped to rock out the rest of your day, when your brain gets a breather.


Meditate - Research shows that a culture of mindfulness can increase workplace functioning. It used to be that companies steered clear of mindfulness as it was seen as “fluffy” or even spiritual. Recent years have shown that large companies such as Google, Aetna and the Mayo Clinic have embraced mindfulness practices. It is proven to increase attention, improve relationships, and overall human functioning in the workplace.


Work for A Cause - If your workplace needs a boost of happiness, volunteer together. Nothing increases mood and creates a sense of community like helping others in need. And, volunteering create fun at work.

Find a cause or non-profit organization that aligns with the mission of your company and pitch the idea to your supervisor. Once they are in, recruit a few people who will help you raise awareness of the project and get to work.


Hang with Work Friends Outside of Work - Once you find your tribe, build into these ladies outside of work. Plan a fun weekend outing. Life is better when lived among a community of like-minded people. Find your tribe and live life together.


Use Tech to Track Your Work - Technology increases your productivity and organizes your work. Great apps to consider are Evernote, Trello, or Focus List. Create lists and check them off as you complete them. The satisfaction of seeing your to-do list shrink is motivating and will help keep you on task.

I know that work can be boring, monotonous, and even dreadful. Most of us would rather travel the world and do what we want to do, but money holds us in one place. Since we have to go, why not create a little fun at work?


If you have tried any of these or other ideas, put a comment below and tell me about it. I would love to know what you do for fun at work.


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