Career Change at 40? 5 Reasons to Get Started Today

March 20, 2018


Are you considering a career change at 40? If so, you are not alone.


According to a study published by USA Today, 57% of folks over 40 report they are not working in their dream job. 80% of these folks report that they want to pursue one or more passions over the next 5 years with a career change.


Do you want to make a career change to give back, live more meaningfully, or pursue a life of travel and leisure? Making a career change after 40 is exciting and intimidating.


Many people believe that by the time they are 40, they will be in job they love. You thought you would work in that career for the second half of your life and head into retirement fulfilled.


Yet, as you approach this new phase of life, you find yourself not liking what you do or who you are when you are doing it. Making a career change at 40 is not where you saw your future.


With each passing day, you start asking yourself what it is that you want to do with the next 15 to 25 working years of life. The more you consider pursuing your passion, they more excited you become. What are you waiting for?


5 Reasons to Pursue a Career Change at 40:


1. Last Chance to Live Your Dream - Let's face it, you are not getting any younger. You're in the phase of life where kids are grown up and needing you less. You can only commit to so many hobbies before they feel like a chore.


Here is the most important question to consider: If you don't take the risk, what have you lost?


This is the question that resonated with me when I decided to become a paid writer. I could have continued writing poetry and short-stories for enjoyment for the rest of my life.


My fear was that I would never have the satisfaction of knowing if someone would pay for my writing. I took a risk, and guess what? They will pay! And, they pay well.


Answer the question honestly no matter how hard. Write down the answers and meditate over the risks and benefits. If never trying is scarier than failure - you have to start moving towards your dreams.


A favorite quote of mine may resonate with you: A moving ship is easier to navigate. Just move. You have to take the first move away from the shore.


2. Passion Fuels Creativity and Drive - Working the 9-to-5 job fills your bank account. Does it fill your internal passion? Do you get up every morning ready to take on the day with creative energy flowing? If not, it is time to find that passion and live it.


I freelance on Tuesdays. It is easier to get moving on Tuesdays than any other day. I feel it in my bones. My kids see it in the way I dance around the house as they get ready for school. They see my excitment for the day ahead and even urge me to have more freelance days. They like who I am when happiness and fulfillment fill my days.


3. Happiness Rocks - Work can make you happy. I am a testimony in the flesh and blood on this one. Like I said above, I am happier and my family notices.


Work doesn't have to be boring, painful, or soul-draining. You don't have to put up with a boss who doesn't know your name and co-workers who enjoy cutting others down to size.


When you find your passion, you will find your tribe. You will find like-minded people who will help and want to see you succeed. Your happiness will grow right before your eyes when you start to align your passion with your life.


4. Healthy Living - Working in a bad job is not good for your physical or mental health.


A survey done by Ohio State University, reports that job satisfaction in your late 20's and 30's is linked to your overall health in your early 40's. Working jobs you don't enjoy for the last decade may be the reason you are unhappy and unhealthy today.


Science has proven that poor work environments increase your risk of depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and other health concerns. If you're afraid to make a career change, considering doing it for your mental and physical health. Once you start feeling better, you will glad you made the career change at 40.


5. Money Will Flow - A career change can help your money issues. You may be struggling now and want to start a side-hustle.


Once you take on the challenge of a career change at 40 you will start making money. You can pay down debt while aligning your passion and your checkbook. You can even start to cut back at the 'day job'.

I never believed this was a possibility for me.


The more I write, the more financially stable we become. It is easy money, because I love what I do.


Take a lesson from Field of Dreams, "If you build it they will come". Build your own Field of Dreams, metaphorically, of course. If your heart is in your work, you will produce good work and others will pay for it.


Career changes are scary. Excitement can overpower fear. Once you commit to making the career change you will start to see the benefits and more fully engage in your dreams. Get ready to see life soar!!


Are you ready for a career change but are not sure how to get started? Sign up for my monthly newsletter or contact me for career coaching. I would love to help you find your passion and start living congruently with who you are what you do.



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