Dear Job, Let's Fall In Love Again

February 13, 2018


Remember the first day of your job? You were all googly-eyed and quite certain you found the job of your dreams! You told everyone standing still where you worked and all about your fancy new title.


Over the years, you have started to lose touch with the love and passion you once had for your work. What happened? Can it get better? Is it time for something new or could you fall in love with your job all over again?


Work is hard. Maybe you can rekindle that love you once had. Let’s explore 10 ways to revamp how you think about your job and start feeling that love once again.


10 Tips for Falling in Love with Your Work Again


Know Your Why - I used to think this was such as odd statement. Now, I get it. You need to be in touch with your worldly purpose. Once you identify your gifts and know what you want your legacy to be, perform a ‘checks and balances’.


Does your job fit into your larger purpose? Are you working towards your best life with each career choice you make? This does not mean that every task you perform will give you goosebumps. It simply means that you should be able to align your work with your personal mission.


Help Others - If you have stellar IV skills, recognize that and use them often. Offer to help others who struggle. This allows you to do something you are good at and enjoy while helping others. The life-blood of any good nurse is helping.


Remember the Purpose of Your Work -Not having a big fancy title or office today, doesn’t mean your work is not worthy of doing well. You are an important part of your company’s mission.


Hustle for the patient. Hustle because you can. Hustle in order to create your legacy.


Talk to Friends/Family - Have a heart to heart with some of your closest friends and family. They know you best. Ask them what you say when you talk about work. It may be eye opening and help you gauge your level of true love with your job.


Be Collaborative - When we begin to fall out of love with our work, we tend to withdraw. This is one of the worst things we can do. Be collaborative. Work on a task with someone else. Volunteer for a committee or board that helps you become more involved at work. Engagement helps us to remember the good in what we do each day.


Reflect - Remember how you felt on that first day? Reflect on this feeling.


What made you excited? What parts of your job today were you excited about in the beginning? Remember that excitement and work towards recreating the love you once had.


Break-Up for a Week - You need a break. Not the Rachel and Ross kind of break - a real break.


Many people in the U.S lose vacation days yearly. Don’t let yours go to waste. A nice long break can make you remember all the things you once loved about your job.


Date Your Work -Think about it, what do you do when trying to rekindle the flame in a romantic relationship? Do you wander around the house on Friday night in your jammies? No! You get dolled up and go out.


Do the same with work. Freshen up your work space. If you have an office or cubicle, buy some new artwork or a new plant. Change up the way your desk is set up.


Play some new music while you work. You must engage with your work the way you did when you were in love with it.


Become a Hustler - Nurses have lots of skills. If you are not in love with your day job, start a side-hustle. This can provide clarity for the future and what is on the horizon for your career goals.


Choose something you love. Explore what you can do to make a little extra money and connect with skills you don't use in your day job.


If money is not the ultimate goal for you, volunteer. Nothing makes the heart sing quite like volunteering. It can allow you to connect with skills and gifts that your job does not use.


Hire a Coach - Maybe it is time to bring in the professionals. All relationships go through dry-spots. An objective person can help you find the love that you once felt. If a coach is what you need, send me an email, I would love to help you.


In order to fall back in love with you job, you have to put in a little work. Use these 10 tips to rekindle the flame you once felt for your work.

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